Full Volume

Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa is now on at Auckland Museum Read Post

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How Music Came Out!

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The Giant Up the Road

Sizing up the Waterview connection Read Post

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After the Apocalypse

Clinton Logan in Chernobyl Read Post

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Obliteration Room

Welcome to the Obliteration Room. We're going dotty over the coming of spring. Read Post

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From Zero: The Business of Drugs

Hard News by Russell Brown

In 1920, the American federal government amended its constitution to prohibit the production, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages. What happened subsequently, over the 13 years till repeal, became a case study in the economics of illicit drug markets.…

World of Food 2: Albania (Kime Me Vez)

Feed by Amberleigh Jack

Ground meat reminds me of arguments. When I was a kid, the adult arguments I remember were often followed by bolognaise. I'm pretty sure my child brain twisted the memories a bit. There were likely arguments when mince wasn't served,…

Retraction: Three Strikes Five Years On

Legal Beagle by Graeme Edgeler

On September 30 2015, I published a post: The Greg King Memorial Blogpost: Three Strikes Five Years On. I retract that post. I am grateful to Dominion Post journalist Nikki Macdonald for her story published today looking at three strikes…

Friday Music! Be Square.

Hard News by Russell Brown

Here's some nice news: Auckland Live Summer in the Square is back and every day from now the end of March, there will be stuff happening and places to sit in Aotea Square. The music programme has again been put…

No seclusion in schools!

Access by The Autistic Collective

Note: this statement from the Autistic Collective was published earlier this month but not widely circulated. I'm happy to publish it here because it's important to hear the voices of adult autistic people first-hand, and because it serves an an…

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